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An Honest and Comprehensive Review of The Magnetic Messaging Program

It's true that text messaging has changed the way we date. Phone calls are increasingly becoming rare, and men are expected to lure women into dating them with cute, witty, or decisive text messages. If used in the wrong way, text messages can make one creepy, desperate, and boring. But when used correctly and at the right time, text messages will not only help you get a girl that you want but also will make the girl anticipate of your date.

Given the vital importance of texting in dating, it is fantastic that there is finally a guide on the topic written by two individuals who spent over two years researching about the text game. They compiled all the finding and lessons in an eBook they called Magnetic Messaging. The guide provides the principles of text game and explains a system that allows any man to captivate any woman with just simple text messages. We conducted a comprehensive Magnetic Messaging review to determine what it is and whether the claims are true.

What Is Magnetic Messaging?

The Magnetic Messaging guide is an eBook that covers everything that you need to know about using texts to lure a girl and keep her interested. The Magnetic Messaging is different from most of the text messaging guides that provide a script to follow as it gives you a system known as Key-Lock sequence that you can use to charm women into dating you. The Magnetic Messaging system defines every step of the sequence and supply plenty of templates and examples. It also explains how and when to use each of them. With this secret in mind, it will be hard for you to lose another girl because of wrong timing of text messages and bad follow-ups.

The Magnetic Messaging works in three text message series explained in the Key-Lock Sequence. These sequence of text messages will unlock the emotions of any girl. The three text message series include;

  • Magnetic Messaging Series 1: Spark Emotions

This chapter will teach you about how to step out of your comfort zone to get the results you’ve been desiring. You cannot skip any of these steps; otherwise, the system will not work. You might have been sending numerous texts to the girl you've been longing to have, but have you ever tried sending emotions text messages? Well, this is the first step of Magnetic Messaging. You’ll learn how to compose emotional messages. By emotional messages, we mean sad and romantic stories that will spark emotions in the mind of the girl you are targeting. Remember that you have limited time to turn these feelings and emotions in your favor.

  • Magnetic Messaging Series 2: Making Connections

In this second step, you’ll have to turn the emotions and feelings into your favor and make her feel that there is a connection between you two. Don’t make her feel like you are just another contact number on her phonebook; you need to make her feel like there is something special between you. Avoid sending her generic messages as that will never work. In this section, you’ll get exclusive training about how to prepare your customized emotional messages.

  • Magnetic Texting Series 3: Handle logistics

This section involves getting into her mind and making her realize that both of you have similarities. Soon, the girl will start seeing these similarities and will give you more attention than ever before. In this section, you’ll be taught how to combine emotions with happy and romantic memories.

These three sections are the backbone of the Magnetic Messaging eBook.

About The Author

The Magnetic Messaging system was authored by Bobby Rio who was assisted by Rob Judge. Bobby Rio is a patented “ladies man” and the owner of one of the web’s leading online magazine for men that deals with lifestyle advice and dating. Bob developed the Magnetic Messaging guide to help boring and shy guys become more interesting and fun so that they can attract cute and pretty girls.

Rob Judge, on the other hand, played a role in writing the Magnetic Messaging guide. He is considered as one of the most successful dating experts online. He was named among the “Top 10 Pickup Artist” in the world in 2009. He has authored several popular guides as well.

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*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

What’s included in the Magnetic Messaging Guide?

After purchasing the Magnetic Messaging guide, you’ll be provided with the main guide that covers the following:

  • How to craft your texting language so that you can spark emotions in a woman.
  • How to formulate the Text messages that will keep her engaged.
  • The jokes to send so that she can desire to see you.
  • How to get her to share with you her personal information.
  • How to craft the message to tell her when both of you meet.

Besides the main guide, you’ll be provided with bonus items including:

  • The Infatuation Formula - This comprises of videos to help you lure a woman to fall for you.
  • The 99 Best Text of All Time - The texts in this guide will cover a lot of potential situations that you might find yourself in.
  • Magnetic Mastermind Kit - This kit is a compilation of what the author has learned about texting women, seeing the most common reactions, seeing what works, and what doesn’t work. It includes templates and sample texts that suits various situations.

The Pros of Magnetic Messaging

  • The Magnetic Messaging guide has been written in a professional way, and it is easy to understand as well.
  • The program is very comprehensive and practical; from the text messages to the tips provided in the guide.
  • The bonus items make Magnetic Messaging guide a great bargain.
  • The Magnetic Messaging guide has been written by competent and respected authors and thus the advice provided is professional and practical.
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The Cons of Magnetic Messaging

  • The Magnetic Messaging is only available online; there is no print copy of this guide.

The Final Thoughts: Is Magnetic Messaging Worth Buying?

For the wealth of techniques and tips that the Magnetic Messaging provides, we can recommend this guide to every man who wants to take his dating game to another level. It is definitely worth its money. Besides, you are given bonus items as part of the package once you purchase the Magnetic Messaging guide.

Special Offer 70% OFF + Bonuses - Now Only $47


*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

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*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

Remarks: Magnetic Messaging  60-Day Money Back Guarantee
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